Timing, Budget And Keyword Strategy For Search Engine Optimization

Right timing drives right results for every aspect of things around us. For search engine optimization, timing is indeed a very important point to think about. Search engine optimization is done for better visibility on organic or natural search listing – right? Therefore, the search engine optimization process has to be organic for sure to get some natural favor. You see even if you spend lots of money to earn 500 extreme high quality links overnight – does it looks natural? Of course not. There is fifty, fifty chances of getting ban or getting listed higher or the most commonly scene sitting right there where it was. So the strategy must plan with some common sense, to make things natural. Plan a list of tasks for every month and either grow or stay with whatever you are spending over every next month. Spread the tasks over 3 to 4 weeks instead of doing the whole month tasks in one week – that is what looks much natural.

Many people, what really do is, stick with same set of keywords over many months. Don’t even bother if the website is really improving the ranking and end up blaming the SEO guys. You see, not all of the websites are ranking on the first page for a single keyword, what it does is only 10 websites do. You see you cannot beat Amazon like website for a single book published on your brand new website and with a limited SEO budget. To understand the reason you don’t need to be an SEO guy, all you need is common sense. The other website is not just strong enough it has some sort of face value too. You know the software’s are getting much smarter these days. A keyword strategy should not focus only on finding profitable keywords; it should look into the ROI. If we are not a millionaire we cannot afford a car which millionaires do. So think practical and be realistic with your SEO campaign. And look for the long tail, which many bosses don’t even bother much. A good keyword strategy should include keywords where the competitors are not strong enough to defeat them and should get a list of 50 to 100 phases. For the first 3 months, you should invest on for example, 20 keywords, you should then evaluate the result end of every month and after 3 months replace those keywords that are not doing better or not showing within top 50 results, with some new keywords from the old list. This way end of the year your website probably could rank for lot of keywords on the first page, you never imagined. If you think the investment you did earlier on the not good performing keywords is wasting of money, it is absolutely not. You invested on your own website and they are definitely backing your entire SEO effort somehow. It’s not like telemarketing; a call that didn’t converted … lost the spending for forever.

Let Me Explain A Bit About Article Directory, Guest Posting And No-Follow Links

In recent months, we went through many news on the death of Article Directory and Guest Posting. The fact is indeed some of those Article Directory and Guest Posting websites are dead because Google killed them for a very specific reason. Does it really means those strategies are dead, it is not. Article Directories that were used heavily to get backlines, received penalties from search engines. And finally they turned all do-follow links into no-follow. The reason they made external links no-follow is because Google probably sent them an email to make all links no-follow to remove the penalty. I saw such action and email on an article directory myself. So when they lifted penalty from a site once the site owner made external links no-follow – does it prove no-follow links do no or little help for SEO!!

SEO is one of the most challenging profession in the world, no doubt. And the right SEO guys know what to do during such crisis moment. SEO consultant with extensive knowledge can always find alternative ways, some other great article directories that really work and not used badly yet. Particularly those article directories that require editor’s review and approval before getting published is still alive and doing good. For guest blogging, if you use poor blog sites or private network then guest posting is dead for you. The main point is to keep the highest quality that you can afford to see great results.