Successful SEO Game Plan

Search engine optimization technique changed over the past few years. About 3 years ago, some do-follow blog comments, profile links and some articles, used to rank a website very high on the first page. It’s all over now. Here on this short article, I will tell you exactly what is working right now.

First thing first! Do the on-page optimization properly. Besides the basic on-page SEO, it Successful SEO Game Plan  is highly important to keep the code to text ratio 25% or below. However, the best way is to search on Google for example, for top 5 keywords you want your website to be optimized for. See who are ranking within the top 5 results. Pick the top 5 websites and do the same for all 5 keywords. You may notice that some of those websites could be ranking for within the top 5 results for all 5 keywords. If any, that website is the real good competitor. Now it’s time to review the competitors websites on-page SEO, particularly the following:

1/ Code to text ratio: You may use tool like this one, Code to text checker, to check the ratio for each of your competitor and you should make your own website code to text ratio similar to them, however, it is better not to exceed 25%.

2/ Page Speed: Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool can tell you very important information about your competitors and your own website’s current page speed issues. You can access PageSpeed Insights tool from the link below:

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool

Based on the Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool you should optimize your website to perform better. You may need to optimize the images and minify the html code, CSS and JS script too. Here is another useful tool that would tell you much more and help you fix them –

3/ From my personal experience, I found that https website rank very fast even for highly competitive keywords compare to http. So think about it seriously.

Now that off-page optimizations, as you probably know – this is the most important part of SEO success. You should add video, high quality guest posting along with other normal SEO practices like high quality article sites to publish articles to earn some great links to your website. Obviously, do-follow link is something your website really need. You may publish useful WikiHow pages, however, be sure that your website got something, for example, FAQs pages about the topic that you can put the link of that page on the resources/references section on the WikiHow pages. You should write long and informative articles – say, between 1K to 3K words of articles. Make sure they are unique, helpful and informative. You should write on HubPages too. You should do them on every month or twice a month. Getting links from high PR pages really work, the websites has to be extremely relevant to your website – how about a blogroll.

And the final point, don’t forget to get social media presence; it is so important in today’s SEO that don’t require an explanation. Website like this one, tell you where your website is standing on the social media world. And don’t forget to run social media campaign for the content you have produced – the videos, blogs, HubPages and for other properties.

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Who Should Not Use SEO Service!

Search engine optimization is not just a one week work neither a one month work – if and only if you want to see some results. Optimizing a website could take only several hours for small business website for an expert. If you think that is all your website need and the website should rank on page one, i am afraid SEO services is probably not for you. Before saying “wasted my times and yours” – you should know that SEO is much more than that what the SEO guys did on your website. Getting references from external websites and social media is the most important factors to rank a website higher. This is known as off-page optimization. It is the most lengthy, time-consuming tasks to make a website real visible on search engines. A most common scenario is requesting a blogger of same industry to publish a blog post on her blog linking back to your website – count that as one referral. Convincing them is not always an easy task. You see there are many other websites already ranking higher for many months or years. How come your website rank naturally on the first page overnight!! Those sites earned that working over many months, you need that patience to work hard or wait and rely on your SEO guys to do the hard job for you to give your website that strength that others have, to stand along them. It’s common sense.

SEO activities includes many forms of internet activities and not just limited to meta tags, on-page optimization. It includes blogging, articles marketing, social media presence, video marketing, photo sharing, even forum participation and much more. Yes, there you should think about quality. Making 1000s of online activities over one week may ruin your entire journey. Therefore, quality does matter same as in other fields. Low quality should not expect high quality results. It’s obvious.

Good luck and hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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