What Should SEO Packages Include?

Before you subscribe to any SEO plan, you should know about full services the provider will provide. A typical full SEO package includes three main parts as listed below:

1/ Keyword Analysis:

Here the provider should show you a Keyword Analysis report explaining the search terms people are using on the internet to find similar businesses as yours. The report should show various metrics including number of local and global searches per month. It is important to ask the provider if the visitor numbers are of broad match or exact match. Exact match traffic will show the numbers of people are searching on search engines for a particular term, for example, “Laptop”, instead of something like “How to buy laptop”. A good company can determine which search term/keyword is good for ranking quicker. You should ask for recommendation of choosing keywords. Wrong keywords could drive different types of traffic to your website while choosing extreme competitive keywords can disappoint you because you would not see result after investing long time. It is better to use some long tail keywords and some generic competitive keywords to keep yourself happy and running.

2/ On-Page SEO:

This is the 2nd part of a full service SEO process. The SEO Company will need to adjust your website to reflect the chosen keywords on your website by configuring Meta tags and fixing other issues to make your website search engine friendly. The SEO provider should fix Meta tags, 301 redirect problem, should remove duplicate content, create XML sitemap and make the URL search engine friendly. These steps should not avoid. A better service provider will also configure Google Webmaster tool and Analytics for your website.

3/ Link Building

This is the most important, lengthy and time consuming process. Most of your money for SEO will need to be invested on link building services. Keyword analysis and on-page SEO is usually one-time but link building is the long term SEO requirements and your success is depend on how effective the links you are building. Do not use a low quality service provider or you will bury your own website. Do not use automated tools to generate links. Do not practice comment/forum/profile spams to get link. You need to produce quality and informative articles that people will love to read. Those articles need to be published on high quality article directories that have a higher Google PR and that do not allow low quality articles. Do not submit articles to 100′s of article directories to gain link, this will rather hurt your entire website SEO factors. You can add your website to selected website directory too. Practicing guest blogging is a great way to get SEO ranking quicker than expected.

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