Top 5 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website

In this day and age of the internet, we are all looking for tips to increase traffic to our website. And why not? What good is a website without traffic? Regardless of the size, intent and strength of a website – you need consistent and considerable traffic to monetize it. So what is it that you can do that will help you set the registers rolling and open the gates to a flurry of new and unique visitors on a day to day basis? Let us look at 5 amazing tips to increase traffic to your website.

1)    Optimization! Yes, you heart it right. Optimize your website and you will already see a vast different in the numbers. You may have a blog or a website that you have been maintaining since very long but it may not be getting any traffic. One of the biggest reasons for this is poorly optimized content.  Are you aware of the search engine ranking system and ways to optimize it? Some knowledge in this field is the order of the day. You will need to understand the concept of keywords, stop words, target keywords and they will have to be placed strategically in your content. Headlines, opening lines or the articles and the conclusions will also need to accommodate the keywords. You can use sub-titles to accommodate secondary keywords and you may also place the primary and secondary keywords in Meta tags. SEO treatment of the text can be very hard in leading search engines to direct visitors to your website by ranking your page and its content right on the top.

2)    Link backs! What is a link back? When you publish an article on someone else website and leave a link to your site in the text of the article or along with a guest bio, which is called a link back. You can increase traffic to your website by posting articles with good information on other websites and e-zines while allow for linkbacks. You need to do this very vehemently because it is of utmost importance. Let us suppose you are a music teacher and want to promote your book “How to Learn the Guitar”. You can write articles like “An Introduction to Guitar Playing” or “Guitar Playing Basics” and place the articles on other websites while leaving a URL or link to your landing page or website. This will bring in the traffic to your website and increase sales.

3)    Market your website using all offline and online means available. Be it your business card or a brochure, you should not miss a single change to include your website address or even a little blurb about it. This could go on books (if you author any), articles in magazines, flyers or any other print collateral that you can imagine. We often undermine the importance of real life marketing while searching for internet marketing methods. Similarly, you should combine this with online marketing of your website/blog. All your social media should point out your homepage by offering a link to it. Twitter, Google+, Facebook… don’t mind any opportunity to post a link. Don’t stop there – leave a tiny blurb with something intriguing or interesting that will draw the reader to clicking on the link. Your social media spaces are like your virtual real estate and you must make the most out of them.

4)    Retaining visitors is key, isn’t it? Suppose you follow the first three tips, what good is that if you can get thousands of unique visitors but can’t retain half as many? You will need interesting articles or interactive features to make sure users keep returning. Start a poll, ask for comments, start a newsletter that people can subscribe or create a pool of interesting articles and keep adding to them. This is probably one of the most important tip for increasing traffic to your website.

5)    Last but not the least; try other methods like Google Analytics or Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. Some of the above mentioned methods require effort; PPC on the other hand needs money but will also yield results faster. You can also use Google Analytics to see what sources is driving traffic to your website to understand the mentality or search patterns that can be predicted.

There are more important tips to increase traffic that we will discuss in other articles. But for now all you need to do is keep these 5 tips in mind to increase traffic to your website and blog.