Google Search Algorithm Is Making Changes Again!

Google is the number one leader when it comes to the world of search engines and they maintain their standing by constantly upgrading and improving their services. The latest update to the search engine, named Google Penguin 4, was recently released with a targeted update to their 2.0 tech that is said to do a range of things for the general public. Spam is a big problem in advertising, content, email and even in search results. The new update is slated to take on a lot of the sources of spam in an effort to improve search results and further limit the amount of spam user’s encounter across all of Google’s services.

Matt Cutts has mentioned that SEO firms, specialist and webmaster’s can expect to see a lot of changes to their rankings and search results, even as much as 2.3% of all English language searches. While the small percentage may not seem like much, it is the most change that has been made to the search giant’s algorithms since the first Penguin release.

The changes are great news for those in the internet marketing industry since there is set to be a highly noticeable change in the way results are displayed after the Penguin 4 update. Some changes that will give marketers an edge is the new Authority Boost feature. Being branded as an authority in your chosen niche is the holy grail of all webmasters. The boost gives site the upper hand in their communities and industries which results in an organic increase in their search rankings which in turn leads to more traffic.

Link builders have had a lot on their hands with all the changes over the years and also with the recent changes that issued widespread penalties for poorly built link structures. The Penguin 4 update includes changes that offer a more refined system of analysis for existing as well as new links that allow a better classification of website links. This spells good news for websites that practice white hat link building and organic link structures while simultaneously pushing sites that employ nefarious or black hat practices to the lower tiers of search ranking where they should be. The changes are not all fire and brimstone; the search giant has also made changes that will allow websites and blogs that were shuttled to the lower pages during the last update, even though their sites were classified as being borderline, to regain some of the traction they so urgently desire through ranking leniency.

The previous version of Penguin mainly would scan the home pages and main pages of websites in order to calculate an index their search rankings. While this did a lot for on page SEO, in effect it punished some of the smaller blogs and sites that put a lot of thought and effort into filling each page of their website with useful information crafted for readers and not just the search engine indexes.

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