The Best SEO Strategies – July 2013

The internet is just like a gigantic phone directory. When you want something like a pair of shoes, you use Google to look it up. The results that Google brings up may be many, but you will more than likely choose the top 10 to top 5 websites that are listed. The websites that are listed toward the top of the search results got to be on top in a very special way called SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. You may be wondering how those website got to the top, but they actually got to be first b using the best SEO strategies.

Helping To Get Your Website Ranking Up

Ranking can make a difference in how visible a website is. People who search the web for certain goods and services really have no idea how tough it is to be a website in this day and age because there is so much competition out there. Some companies rely on a company that offers SEO services, but not everyone can afford to hire an outside source. When a company is thin on funds, they have to handle things on their own. Here are the best SEO strategies that some companies use to promote their website and to get their ranking up:

•    Using social media: Social media is turning businesses around from failing to fabulous. Modern day business people are not relying on old tactics of advertising in newspapers, magazines, or the yellow pages to get attention because now the World Wide Web can do things that those old ways of advertising can only dream of. A great example of an effective SEO strategy is to use Twitter. Typically, websites have links to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Every time someone reads your website, then follows you on Twitter, and then retweets your tweet, they are spreading the word about your website to their followers, and then the chain of communication can keep going on and on. The more people that see your tweet, comment on it, and retweet it, your business is getting a lot of exposure that is so valuable that you could not put a price on it.

•    Co-occurrence: The old SEO strategy of using anchor text is now becoming obsolete and replaced with something a lot more effective. Co-occurrence is when your both your brand name and your brand keywords appear right next to one another. With the way that search engines are changing, co-occurrence is going to do more for you because of the fact that both names appeared next to each other, you will soon see your ranking go up in a natural way that is not going to look suspicious or contain a lot of spam.

The internet is not just for games, there are a lot of things that can be done on the web. In order to get a high ranking on search engines, businesses use the best SEO strategies. One of the best ways that a company can use search engine optimization is to use the web to its full advantage. The biggest thing on the web is social medial websites like Facebook and Twitter, and using the website will help a business get high on a search engine like Google.