Get Social – The Four Pillars

Marketing in the last decade has changed by leaps and bounds. If you consider the changes in the last two decades the landscape is unrecognizable. In the span of twenty years the rise of the internet and social media has dramatically altered how marketing programs are devised, implemented and monitored. Social media services by any good company can provide a consistent online presence with measurable results.

The Four Pillars

The idea that the internet and social media has taken over the marketing landscape is new to most business owners. Although online marketing needs to be a part of every businesses strategy, traditional media should be included as well. This article deals with your presence online and its four pillars: websites, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing, collectively known as digital marketing.


First you might ask why we are discussing other aspects of services instead of just social media services. The reason is that a true presence online is built around a consistent presence in as a many forms of online marketing as possible and integrating those mediums to refer to each other to leverage each one’s strengths. A website today should not be a massive thousand page undertaking, unless of course you are an ecommerce business or other major enterprise. For most businesses the website will highlight services or products and act as a home base of general information for consumers or clients.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the idea of purchasing ads or placements within search engines to gain traffic to a desired website. Most companies can gain significant traffic to their website, if their budget is large enough, especially in competitive categories. The largest example is Google Adwords which provides advertising space for relevant searches.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the service that optimizes your website, Adwords program or social media profile for placement in the organic search results of search engines, the non paid search results. This process is complex and can include multiple steps to ensure the coding of the website, its content, and linking is available to increase relevancy within a search engine.

Social Media Marketing

The largest growing sector of digital marketing programs include increasing large efforts at gaining traffic, followers, likes and engagement on the largest social media platforms including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn, usually referred to as the Big 6. Social media services refer to the multitude of opportunities for advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns available through these new interactive and engagement platforms.

Advertising – is the ability to place demographically specific ads within the Facebook Insights program, YouTube ads, or LinkedIn ads and are paid advertising components.

Marketing – includes ways to market product or services directly to an engaged audience. This differs from simple advertising as consumers expect an interactive and educational experience that focuses on topics, tips or advice instead of specific products and services. The right marketing campaign can still refer to products and services if done right.

PR campaigns have skyrocketed through the use of micro blogging on Twitter or visual blogging on Pinterest or video blogging YouTube. This enables a specific message to be aimed at specific demographics in order to engage and sway public perception.

Social Media Services need to be an active part of any overall marketing plan and should comprise a growing portion of the plan, as its growth continues to outpace all traditional forms of advertising.