How To Implement Page Title, Meta Description And Back-Links For Modern SEO

Previously, keyword phrases rich anchor link used that much that this is now turned into infringement. Excessive use of keyword rich anchor links help Google slap the website. It is highly important to use brand-name, website URL and very limited partial match or exact match keyword in anchor link during link building.

Many people don’t understand how this would rank a website for certain keyword phrases while the link has not listed the desire keyword phrases within it. This is why webpage title and Meta description is so important for better organic results. The title should contain the keywords list within the 56 characters limit in natural language & the Meta description should description the keyword phrases wisely within 160 characters.

When you create external links on brand-name for example, search engines follow the linking website and find the keywords on the page title, Meta description and obviously on the page content and give credits to rank higher for the specific keywords and other relevant keywords.

Essential Tools To Enable Any Business To Track Their Social Media Successfully

Social Media has become the most important marketing and PR tool for all modern businesses, it has become a global phenomenon; accessible to all. On a personal level social media sites can be used to share opinions, ideas and simply to update the world on what is happening in a person’s day to day life. Businesses are able to use social media sites to connect with both existing and potential customers; they are able to target entire market segments in any area of the world. It is even possible to create sales campaigns and promotional videos which can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of moments.

Social media is a powerful tool for building relationships and improving the reputation of any business. However, it is also very easy for any individual to post negative comments about a business and this can quickly have seriously detrimental effects. For these reasons it is essential that all businesses have a well defined social media campaign encompassing promoting, advertising and monitoring social media sites to maximize the benefit of this powerful tool and ensure any negative postings are dealt with efficiency and effectively.

Professional Tracking

Monitoring the abundance of social media sites and various media streams can become a complicated and time consuming affair. It is often more practical to assign this work to a professional company, such as These businesses have an array of tools at their disposal and will monitor key words and phrases to ensure your public image remains positive and any potential marketing campaign can be picked up on.

It is possible to track the social media sites yourself and some people feel this is a better approach as you will always be the best person to look after your own interests. If this is your preferred option then the following tools will be essential to maximize the return on your investment:


This is currently seen as one of the best tools on the market. It allows you to monitor activity on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and several other prominent social media sites. It currently has over ten million users and provides several important tools including a weekly analytic report, customer tracking, campaign measuring and pre-scheduling messages to the main media sites.

Social Mention

This software is able to monitor the majority of the hundred plus social media sites currently popular on the internet. It offers a free listening service which in essence means it will monitor the social media sites for any mention of a key word or phrase and then report back on it. It is generally agreed that it provides one of the best in-depth analyses of any software tool currently on the market. It will measure the affect of any comment based upon its sentiment (positive or negative comments), passion (possibility of a post being repeated), strength (how often you are being mentioned) and reach (the influence, or number of friends, of the poster).


This software allows you to set a key word or phrase and to search on how often this is being used across the world. It will provide historical information on the chosen word or phrase and indications of the sentiment of every country which has contributed to the posting. This is a useful tool to establish how your brand reputation is building and whether your marketing is being seen by the desired, or targeted, audience.


This program is dedicated to tracking postings on Pinterest which is one of the biggest social media sites online at the moment. The emphasis of this site is on posting pictures with short captions. This tool allows you to track who is sharing your pictures and it is even possible to connect with them and build a relationship based on the common interests. PinAlerts will allow you to monitor and link postings with several websites and this can be done in real time or as a historical review.

Ice Rocket

This software is specifically designed to monitor blog postings. It specializes in searching in real time across the majority of blog postings on the web. It will also monitor tweets, latest news and even pictures to provide you with as much information as possible regarding your current social media status. It will provide regular updates or allow you to search on the latest postings; you can link directly to a post and assess its impact.


As with the majority of the social media tracking services available this software will allow you to ‘listen’ to the current activity on the internet. Its aim is to assist you in finding any conversation being undertaken via the web which is relevant to you, your business or your industry. You can enter multiple key words and it promises to provide spam free information on any conversation around the globe which is pertinent to your query; regardless of which language is being used. It will also allow you to review historical conversations in order to build a picture of how effective your brand marketing has been or which customers you should be targeting.


This product is designed to track the number of times your business or brand name is mentioned across the multiple media sites. There are a number of filters which can be used to limit your search results; such as location or age of the conversation, the results are compiled according to several factors, including influence, sentiment and language. It is possible to review any results in third party software such as Adobe or Excel; this is to ensure you can manage and assess the information accurately. The software will even let you set priorities on different keywords and you will see the results according to these priorities; this ensures the most important posts get your attention first.

The majority of software applications for tracking social media available now will have apps to enable searching and results to be accomplished from your mobile. However, it is important to note that this is a complicated and time consuming exercise and it can often be a wiser choice to allow a professional, third party, to deal with the social media tracking and keep your own time free to control and direct your business.

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