Make Money With SEO Reseller Packages

If you’re a marketing consultant, ad agency, hosting company, web design company, business consultant or entrepreneur, keeping your SEO service in-house is no longer cost effective. G I T Expert offers complete SEO reseller packages that deliver better results at a lower cost. That means you can increase your profit margins by doing less, and that’s always an offer you can’t refuse.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

Many different kinds of businesses can profit from becoming an SEO reseller for G I T Experts. If your business needs to be able to offer SEO services to your clients, we can deliver outstanding results at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. G I T Expert makes it possible for you to expand the range of services you offer to your customers without expanding your overhead. Outsourcing your SEO services to G I T gets you the results you need with none of the hassles. You’ll build credibility and authority with your clients without expanding your in-house staff.

When you begin to offer additional in-house services to your clients, success can cause problems when they want to scale up. That’s not a problem for an SEO reseller from G I T Expert. We’re ready to deliver expert SEO services for one client or a hundred, and that allows you to concentrate on increasing your sales – and your revenue.

SEO Reseller Packages
Demonstrated Results. All White Hat Methods

G I T Expert has a long track record in SEO reseller packages. We’ve performed both white label and referral services for hundred of satisfied clients. We didn’t get where we are today by cutting corners. G I T Expert allows you to offer SEO reseller services to your clients without worrying about being penalized by search engines later. We use the most effective white hat techniques to send our clients rocketing up the search rankings. Because we strictly follow search engine policies, they stay there.

We Understand SEO Inside and Out

When you engage G I T Expert to deliver an SEO package for your customer, it gets rid of the need for you to keep up with the latest white hat techniques in the industry. G I T Expert specializes in SEO strategies, and we make sure all our methods conform to the guidelines established by all the major search engines. We offer SEO reseller packages that deliver results. You can feel free to offer our SEO packages as part of your overall suite of services to your customers without having to do the work yourself. You’ll be able to sell the results while we do all the work.

Consolidate to Save Money

If you’ve been handling your client SEO on your own, or you’re using a handful of different freelancers or separate agencies to cover all your needs, you’ll love G I T Expert. We give you and your clients a single point of contact for every kind of SEO work. We’re a full-service provider, and you can count on us for everything from simple link building to all-inclusive packages that can even provide on-site blogging and social media account management.

G I T Expert is ready to scale up to meet your needs, and whether you have one client or one hundred, your overhead and delivery times never change. It’s much more cost-effective to concentrate on reaping the benefits of being an SEO reseller than doing the work yourself.

Get Detailed Reporting

G I T Expert knows you need to show your clients value for their money. We’ll supply you with all the necessary analytics to show your clients what our SEO reseller packages can deliver to their online visibility.

Get Diversity of Link Types

G I T Expert offers a multitude of services so that you can offer your clients rapid results. We’ve developed an effective system of keyword research, link-building, guest posting, on-page keyword optimization, and social media link building to make sure your clients quickly see a measurable improvement in online visibility.

We Work in the Background

G I T Expert has been selling SEO reseller packages for years. We’re used to working in the background for our clients. We offer a single point of contact for any sized campaign, and never intrude in your business relationships with your clients. Whether you hire us directly or refer clients to us as an SEO reseller, you’re our customer, and we’ll always put you first.

We Tell You How We Do It

G I T Expert is different than other SEO reseller businesses. We pride ourselves on offering real value for our client’s money. We’ll tell you exactly how we’ll improve online visibility, and show you examples of every step of our SEO method. We don’t sell magic beans. We sell hard work and expertise, and by becoming an SEO reseller, you can sell it too.

We Test for Results

At G I T Expert, we’re certain our methods work because we’ve used them for hundreds of clients. We’re constantly testing to make sure our efforts are driving our customers up the search rankings, and we can show the improvement in search engine visibility to you and your customers. G I T Expert knows customers need solid proof that their money is being well spent. We deliver it.

We Save You Money. We Make You Money

If you’ve been handling SEO services for your clients you’ll love the money you’ll save by outsourcing it to G I T Expert. We have a large team of native English-speaking writers and video spokespersons. We handle every aspect of the SEO contract, so all you have to do is make the sale and we’ll take care of the rest. It costs less to contract with us than to do the job with your own personnel, and when the job is over, you won’t be stuck with an office full of people and high overhead with nothing to do.

How To Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly For Google

In today’s world of Smartphone’s, tablets, and various other devices for mobile connectivity, it is essential for people who search the web that the content they are searching for is displayed properly. Have you ever loaded a page on your phone only to be disappointed when you are unable to see it correctly? Mobile accessibility is becoming more important every day, and businesses who have not upgraded to platforms that support mobile devices are falling far behind the pack. Google has in fact issued warnings to site owners whose pages do not meet their requirements for mobile accessibility.

Why Does A Search Engine Care About The Design Of A Site?

Certain search engines become more popular over others because they return a higher rate of quality results to searchers. An obvious indicator of whether or not the results are quality is how relevant the search terms are to the site, and the numbers of other sources that have inbound links. This is no doubt important, but perhaps even more important is the experience a user has when they click on the link. If you have ever been stuck on sites with unreadable content then you will easily understand the importance of this.

Google understands the value of user experience and how important it is to be able to navigate easily through a site using a mobile device. In order to retain their share of the market they are determined to provide visitors with the best experience while searching possible. The more times that a link is clicked, the higher it will show up in search results.

Making A Mobile-Friendly Website

If you are uncertain whether or not your website is friendly to mobile devices, Google supplies a test tool for checking the mobile-friendliness of a site for free. It locates the issues and problems that may be stopping your site from displaying properly and explains how to fix them.

If you need to switch your site so that it is more mobile-friendly for visitors, there are several options that you can choose, depending on how old your site is and whether it was developed on a CMS system like Drupal or WordPress.

•    If your site is run using CMS, check to see if there is a module or plugin for achieving a mobile layout. As an example, WordPress comes complete with the plugin that they named WPTouch. It uses an alternative mobile theme to serve the site.

•    Direct your visitors to an alternative site for traffic using mobile devices. Although this can be expensive to build and maintain, it has the potential to offer the best interface.

•    The possibility exists for newer sites to be retrofitted with changes to the HTML code and the use of a new CSS3 style sheet. This would enable the site to have a responsive design that would automatically resize content so that it displays properly on mobile devices.

•    Redesign the site by utilizing responsive design framework such as 960 Grid System or Bootstrap.

The value of having accessible content available to mobile users will quickly become noticeable. It makes sense as an investment as well so that you will never lose sales, no matter what device the buyer is using.

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